How to Stay Warm in the Garden during the Winter Months

keeping warm in winter

The last thing you want is having to go inside the house because it turned cold while you were enjoying a cool evening in the garden. Winter months are by far the coldest season and enjoying an evening in the garden during winter can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, you can still prolong your outdoor experience till late at night by using some techniques to keep warm during winter. Here are some ways to stay warm in your garden during the winter seasons.

Use a fire pit

Fire pits are a perfect way to create an outdoor fireplace in your garden. Although it won’t warm a large space, a fire pit will warm the space around you immediately; you start it. A good fire pit should have a solid base, removable grates and foldable legs. Furthermore, it should have enough space to accommodate the fire and cleaning it should not be a problem.

Fire pits are made from cast iron, clay, or steel. While some of them come with a grill to cook on, fire pits are fueled by either wood or charcoal. Besides, they can act as an incinerator when cleaning the house on a late evening. Some firepits come with a protective lid, which comes in handy when there are young kids around. They are available in different styles and come with different decorations.

Install heat lamps

Heat lamps are ideal for enclosed gardens. They regulate the temperature while keeping your garden warm. However, make sure the lamps don’t shine directly on the plants as they may dry or even cause a fire. Besides, make sure you monitor the temperature as it may kill the plants while keeping you warm during the winter season. The temperature should be stable for your plants to adapt well.

Consider a heated decking

Although it’s an expensive option, having a heated decking is your ideal solution, particularly if you spend most of your evenings in your garden. It is a worthy investment, especially during the winter season, as you will enjoy your outside experience just like other warm seasons. It heats the floor and keeps your toes warm while warming the rest of your body.

Increase your layers

Everyone knows that you should add to your layers during the cold season. Now is the time to reach for those gloves and hats and, if possible, add an extra blanket. If you have an outdoor experience in your garden, you can invite a few friends and remind them to come with warm blankets if you can’t provide enough. Blankets wrapped around the body keeps you warm even in the worst cold season.

Get yourself a hot tub

Depending on the number of people you are having around to cheer up a cold night experience, having some drinks in a hot tub will help fight cold in your body. Enjoying the winter season while relaxing in your garden with a bubbling hot tub is a great way to have a chilled evening.


Exercises are great for heating the body naturally. Plan a few involving games that include some exercises and play them with your friends in your garden. Not only will the games and exercises keep you warm during the cold night but also entertain your guests and brighten the cold mood.

Build a conservatory or greenhouse

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your plants during the winter seasons, a greenhouse or conservatory is your perfect solution. If you opt for a greenhouse, you can create the greenhouse space and move your plants to the greenhouse. In case you had already planted your garden, consider a temporary greenhouse to keep your plants warm. There are a variety of temporary greenhouse solutions that are fixed in a short time.

On the other hand, conservatories can be designed in a separate structure or as an addition to your home. They differ from greenhouses in that they serve as spaces to enjoy the beautiful garden experience. Conservatories don’t house plants but rather accommodate you for a beautiful outdoor experience close to your garden. Generally, your conservatory should have enough windows, although this should change during the winter season. You will have to winterize the windows during the cold season to minimize the cold air getting in.

Final thought

Winter months may be very uncomfortable, especially if you are not sure how to ease the cold. The secret to enjoying the season while having fun outdoor activities as late as midnight is to keep extremely warm. While keeping yourself warm in your garden, don’t forget to take care of your plants in the garden as they may also be affected by the cold weather.