Essential Tips for Moving House

We all know relocation is a hectic and time-consuming task. It is also a stressful experience. You need to do a lot starting from arranging utility companies, clean the entire home before leaving, hiring professional movers, packing all your belongings etc.


Below are essential tips for moving house which will make your relocation experience less stressful.

  1. Start the Packing Early

Packing is a time-consuming process and the total time completely depends on the number of items you have. If you have a large house, you can start the packing 2-3 months in advance. You can start with very little packing like 2 boxes in a day. If you are packing for a smaller home you can finish the packing in 15-20 days. It is just an approximation but you can easily get an idea.

  1. Start with things you least need.

It is very important to pack the items that you don’t need and use frequently first. This can include seasonal items like garden tools, Christmas lights, unused kitchen items etc.

  1. Pack one room at a time

This is one of the important tips during packing, which gets often neglected. Packing one room at a time will help you to stay organized and this also will be useful during unloading and unpacking at the new home.

  1. Declutter

We all are well aware that packers charge based on the total shipments. It is advisable to reduce all the old and unwanted items.  You can either give them to charity or even can sell it on eBay. You can also give it to the local recyclers and help to create an eco-friendly environment.

  1. Do not exceed the limit of 30 pounds for a box

Make sure the packing items in each box is 30 pounds else you may get a back injury during shifting heavy boxes. You can pack all the light weight items in large boxes and can use small boxes to pack heavy kinds of stuff. Packing in an organized way will save a lot of last minute hassle.

  1. Fill empty gaps

Make use of old newspapers, clothes, towels, packing papers to fill the gaps in the boxes. It will make sure all the items are well secured.

  1. Label your boxes

This is the most important tip. Label the content of each box with a marker pen. You can also stick a paper on the sides of boxes and write the content. This will help you to recognize the items during the transit. You can also use different colours for different rooms it will make the identification process easy.

  1. Keep heavier boxes on the bottom

This is one among the common and important packing tips. Keep all the heavy boxes under the light weighting boxes. This will make sure no items is crushed or damaged during the move.

  1. Dispose of hazardous materials

Before moving to a new house, it is very important to dispose of all the hazardous materials carefully. Pack them very well and discard them before shifting to a new home.