How to Enhance your Home Without Spending a Penny

  • Start by doing a basic cleaning. 


  • Get rid of everything that clogs up your home: Your home will look much more spacious if you eliminate anything that drags on unnecessarily.


  • Do the cleaning, that is to say a deep cleaning.


  • Small renovation works to do yourself: Get rid of any garbage and rubbish that could drag in your yard. If you have lawn, pass the mower and water if it is dry. Cut hedges and shrubs, eliminate weeds, water your flowers and shrubs or plant them if you do not have them!


  • Do the little home improvement ones by yourself: repaint the walls of the house, cut the trees in your garden, mow the lawn, clean the tiles, clean the windows.


  • Your friends can help you to renovate your home and can give your valuable advice too.


  • Rearrange your furniture: Simply by organizing the furniture, sofas and tables your room can simulate more spacious. Moreover, this storage can bring a blow of fresher to the whole of your house.


  • Make use of those old paint boxes that you have left: Add depth to your rooms. You can simply saddle a single wall or even the ceiling of your rooms. Give the old furniture a facelift with a coat of paint or paint the inside of your closets. One of the solutions to make a small house much larger is to paint the walls under a lighter color, especially in enclosed areas such as corridors, toilets and box rooms.


  • Photographs are an ideal way to personalize your space. Display them on your walls, in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and corridors. You can also arrange them on your dining table or even on your desk.

Remove these old photographs and display them with pride.


  • Put your unused chimney in good use: Once your chimney is clean you place a large plant, bust stone or other object in the empty space. In addition, you can also store extra books or a large wicker basket with extra pillows here.


  • Wash and freshen the sheets, curtains, sheets, and pillows and bedding a new look by adding pumps or ribbons to the curbs. These small details make a real difference in the end.


  • Take the plants from your garden and then place them in your home. They can bring freshness and a good smell.


  • If the mirror is properly placed, the room look is much larger. A simple and very effective trick.